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The Elimination of waste…

This is a heavy title, and can be taken in many directions (*disclaimer: if you are sensitive to content involving human waste this post may not be for you). We are going to focus on two types of waste: mental/emotional waste and physical human waste. This is a subject not too many people want to talk about publicly but it makes a huge difference in your life and how you feel.

Emotional waste can cause a myriad of issues and should be taken just as seriously as a medical condition. Unfortunately we tend to write off things like work stress, bad relationships, and a negative outlook on life. We think that those things will just get better overtime, but let’s be honest it doesn’t really work like that. We all have busy times at work or relationships that go through ebbs and flows, not to mention we are all our own worst critics most of the time. With some proactive planning we may be able to make these situations much better so let’s discuss some strategies:

Work Stress

This is universal and most of it can be avoided if you use the 5 P’s. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Whether it is a big project, a tough conversation with a coworker or travel, much of this can be tackled with some good planning ahead of time. This will help you eliminate or minimize the issues that stress you out. Some example strategies of proper planning might be:

  • Setting out your clothes the night before a big meeting, this way there is one less thing to think about in the morning freeing up your brain to review your plan.

  • Tough conversations can be made easier by having a mock conversation with a loved one so that when you have that difficult conversation with a coworker (or boss) your thoughts are clear and less emotional.

  • If work travel is stressing you out, look up local gyms close to where you are going to be so you can move and rejuvenate your body, then find one thing that you can do only in that area and enjoy it (specialty food, museum, or take in a show).

Relationship Stress

This is always a challenge so let’s define the relationship first. Is it one that you are born into, one you choose to be in or one that you are subjected to due to work? Each situation has its own issues, but surprisingly you can tackle the first two together. Whether they are family or just a friend, no one has the right to treat you inappropriately. I realize that it is hard at times, but please know that you are amazing and deserve to be treated fairly. So how do you do this?

  • Set your boundaries: tell them when they are being inappropriate and that it is unacceptable. This is a great moment to have a serious conversation and explain why this is not ok. Hopefully you can come to an understanding and the relationship improves.

  • Remain consistent: hold true to your words and don’t accept inappropriate behavior. If the same issue happens again don’t accept it just because it was a special occasion. If they truly value you, they will not do it again.

  • Evaluate if it’s worth it: sadly, some relationships are not worth it. There should be an even balance and reciprocation. If this does not exist, it will not work.

The third situation is a little different seeing that it involves the workplace. First of all, not

everyone you work with will be your friend but as long as you can be productive together

that is OK. Again, you should not be treated inappropriately and if they do not respond to

example A above then see your HR department. Hostile work environments are not fun and not productive.

Your own worst enemy

This is a silent one, and not many people share about this dark force. We are here for you, and are ready to arm you with the skills to combat it! This happens to all of us, but in varying degrees. If this is something you have been struggling with your whole life and have tried the tools we list below it might be a good time to see professional help (it will be worth it). Onto the tools:

  • Gratefulness journaling. Start each day by writing down three things you are grateful for. This will start to program the mind to see the positive things in our life.

  • The no complaining challenge. Place a rubber band on your wrist, and each time you complain about something trivial switch wrists. Try to get 3 days in a row without switching. Each time you are about to complain and decide not to, ask yourself, “is this really worth this energy?”

  • Give someone a compliment. Giving someone a compliment should be treated just like giving someone a gift. It should be given freely because you want to give it, not because you are looking for one in return. Surprisingly giving to others make us feel good too!

  • Volunteer. Volunteering has a similar effect as the point above. Giving and helping others help us realize how much we really have to offer.

Ok, on to the fun stuff... You may not want to read about it, but it should not be ignored. Our physical human waste can tell us a lot about what is going on inside you health wise. For example, when we think about hydration, the color of your urine is a great place to start. Check out this chart from Precision Nutrition to see how you rank.

Urine Color Chart

Your hydrating affects more than just your urine, it can also have an effect on your feces potentially causing constipation. Guess what? They have a chart for that too! Check it out and see how you’re doing. If you really want to learn more about what it’s telling you read their article here:

poop chart

Eliminating waste from our lives is an important step to living healthy long lives. Here at Fitness and Fuel we want you to live, love, and laugh on a daily basis. Eliminate and feel good about it today!

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